‘Love on the Dole’ – a forgotten classic

love on the dole

The bookshelves in English classrooms or English departments can be the depositories of secret treasures. A few minutes stolen in another colleague’s classroom while waiting for the Men’s to be freed-up or to avoid the threat of a suspected cover … Continue reading

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Should state schools not have charitable status?

wester hailes

The state sector in education is undergoing a massive belt tightening that is leading to larger classes and, consequently, an impoverishment of the service it is able to deliver. The UK national debt will reach £1.5 trillion in 2015, requiring … Continue reading

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The Factory School

Ken Robinson is a world famous educator whose talks are watched by the million on youtube. He travels all around the world giving lectures on the education system and if he’s not doing a TED talk then he’s at a … Continue reading

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Fire Grexit

I’ve no qualification to blog about the crisis in Greece beyond regularly reading about Economics, but here are my uncertified thoughts anyway. I think Greece leaving the Euro would be a big mistake. I’m not going to write all the … Continue reading

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