English Literature

Melissa Reads… The Ripening Seed

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette lived a life of angst and drama that put even the exploits of the most rebellious teenager to shame. She spent most of the late Nineteenth Century, and indeed much of the Twentieth, leaving a tsunami of scandal … Continue reading

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Melissa Reads… The Land Where the Blues Began

Although I finished The Land Where the Blues Began a few weeks ago, I hesitated about writing this, because I was worried that the review would be accidentally racist. Being an Anthropology student has made me realise that everyone holds … Continue reading

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Higher English – the debate: writing a summary?

‘Time, time, time…’ a refrain of the famous Simon and Garfunkel song a Hazy Shade of Winter. And it’s time which is at the centre of the debate about whether Higher English critical essays written in the exam should include … Continue reading

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Is praise harming pupils?

Nowadays teachers are encouraged to be positive, to find opportunities to praise pupils as much and whenever possible. I’ve sat through many a CPD course that praised the educational achievements of the ‘positive’ classroom; and our council’s elected ex-education convener … Continue reading


Short Story Writing #1 – SG

It’s always difficult to write a short story. A good way to start is to read some. Many great writers have written very good short stories. These can give you ideas and hopefully you’ll learn something important: a short story … Continue reading

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James Kelman and Revolution

I’ve been meaning to read James Kelman’s Booker Prize winning novel How late it was, how late for years. I have started it twice but I found myself drifitng off and going on to other things. The radical subjectivity – … Continue reading

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