‘Love on the Dole’ – a forgotten classic

love on the dole

The bookshelves in English classrooms or English departments can be the depositories of secret treasures. A few minutes stolen in another colleague’s classroom while waiting for the Men’s to be freed-up or to avoid the threat of a suspected cover … Continue reading

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Twelve Years A Slave – Slavery as Video Art


The political intentions of Twelve Years A Slave are so intertwined with a delayed justice that it is with a great deal of hesitancy that I would criticise the film, but although the film portrays the abuses of slavery in … Continue reading

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It’s time James Hogg was given his rightful place at the peak of Scottish Literature

The Three Perils of Man

I’m reading James Hogg’s The Three Perils of Man. Unlike Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, it is not very well known. Thanks to Andre Gide’s introduction to the 1945 publication Hogg’s portrayal of a man … Continue reading

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Tae Kwon Do and Jose Mourinho – passing Highers at the grade you want

This is part of a series of blogs that focuses on the attitudes of mind, behaviours and actions that a person can use to be successful at an English course. It’s practical stuff that, if applied, will have a practical … Continue reading

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Building a Bridge through Books

Sunday 27 January 2013 marks Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK. It is a date now part of many schools’ calendars with commemorative assemblies, projects, visits and presentations taking place. I’ve actively supported HMD since it began in 2001 and … Continue reading

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John Galt – forgotten writer of Scottish Literature

The Scottish Qualifications Authority is looking for novels, plays and poems by Scottish writers for the ‘Scottish Question’ that will comprise part of the new English Higher examination. Most of the names on the list up for consideration so far … Continue reading

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Mary, Queen of Scots – the box-set

I’m in love. I wasn’t expecting it, or looking for it, but it just…happened. Sort of. She’s a wonderful woman: kind, gracious, feeling with a consciousness of her own and human dignity, in fact she has a positively regal bearing. … Continue reading

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