‘Love on the Dole’ – a forgotten classic

love on the dole

The bookshelves in English classrooms or English departments can be the depositories of secret treasures. A few minutes stolen in another colleague’s classroom while waiting for the Men’s to be freed-up or to avoid the threat of a suspected cover … Continue reading

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Should state schools not have charitable status?

wester hailes

The state sector in education is undergoing a massive belt tightening that is leading to larger classes and, consequently, an impoverishment of the service it is able to deliver. The UK national debt will reach £1.5 trillion in 2015, requiring … Continue reading

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Twelve Years A Slave – Slavery as Video Art


The political intentions of Twelve Years A Slave are so intertwined with a delayed justice that it is with a great deal of hesitancy that I would criticise the film, but although the film portrays the abuses of slavery in … Continue reading

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Why don’t we teach Breaking Bad in the classroom?


For those people who have signed-up for the Mars expedition and have begun intensive training, the recent airing of the final episode of Breaking Bad might will have passed them by. However, I would imagine that most of us will … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby: the world’s longest music video

It’s difficult to explain the trauma, anxiety, frustration, the sickening feeling of disgust, boredom and moral outrage I felt while watching Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby. It’s not the worst film I’ve ever seen, by far, but it … Continue reading

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Would abolishing private schools make education better?

Would the abolishment of private schools really make a difference to education or to our perception of ourselves as being one nation? Alan Bennet believes it would. In a recent article, the celebrated playwright argues that fusing the private and … Continue reading

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Should We Set?

One of the controversial issues in teaching is whether classes should be set or not. Should a school, or a department, using a narrow selection criteria of academic attainment, organise its pupils into classes where there will be a marked … Continue reading

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Teachers are to blame for low expectations?

Fiona Philips, the former GMTV presenter, has attacked her old school for its low expectations and its lack of discipline. She said that, as a youngster, she arrived at her old school, Millbrook School in Southampton, at the top of … Continue reading

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Higher standards shouldn’t just be Michael Gove’s priority

There’s a growing scandal about the marking of GCSE English examinations in England and Wales. In fact, the Welsh Executive have announced that GCSE English papers must now be re-marked so that pupils and their parents can at least feel … Continue reading

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