Should state schools not have charitable status?

wester hailes

The state sector in education is undergoing a massive belt tightening that is leading to larger classes and, consequently, an impoverishment of the service it is able to deliver. The UK national debt will reach £1.5 trillion in 2015, requiring … Continue reading

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Why don’t we teach Breaking Bad in the classroom?


For those people who have signed-up for the Mars expedition and have begun intensive training, the recent airing of the final episode of Breaking Bad might will have passed them by. However, I would imagine that most of us will … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby: the world’s longest music video

It’s difficult to explain the trauma, anxiety, frustration, the sickening feeling of disgust, boredom and moral outrage I felt while watching Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby. It’s not the worst film I’ve ever seen, by far, but it … Continue reading

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Would abolishing private schools make education better?

Would the abolishment of private schools really make a difference to education or to our perception of ourselves as being one nation? Alan Bennet believes it would. In a recent article, the celebrated playwright argues that fusing the private and … Continue reading

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Failing Higher English Close Reading? What to start doing now.

Close Reading is the true test in Higher English to a large extent. It is possible to be trained or train yourself to pass essays. Practise again and again, know your text and have experience of the tasks, and you’ll … Continue reading

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Tutors getting £50 000 a year cannot add the missing ingredient known to Lincoln

Tutoring has always been an expensive business. A tutor would cost a wealthy family a salary, room and board back in the old days. Nowadays it seems that a good tutor can receive up to £50 000 a year with … Continue reading

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Should We Set?

One of the controversial issues in teaching is whether classes should be set or not. Should a school, or a department, using a narrow selection criteria of academic attainment, organise its pupils into classes where there will be a marked … Continue reading

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