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This profile is a platform for a range of Standard Grade-experienced English teachers to post information that will help students, and their parents, with preparing for students' Standard Grade English exams. By following the below advice, we are confident that a student can improve their English grade, but individual motivation, perseverance and other factors must be taken into account also. This platform presents a proven, successful approach to Standard Grade English, we do not claim it is the only approach.

Standard Grade English – The Talk Triangle

All public speakers have either a series of symbols or acronyms to provide them with a simple formula for writing and delivering a public speech. For your Standard Grade English Talk, there’s no reason why you cannot use the ones … Continue reading

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Standard Grade English – Ten Tips on giving a talk

It’s round about now, when the Standard Grade English folios are close to being completed (you can have them checked by myetutor), that a form will be sent to each Teacher of English asking them to fill in a Standard … Continue reading

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Standard Grade English – 5 Basic Rules for Creative Writing Essay for Folio

In Standard Grade English, there are four very simple rules that you should think about when writing your creative writing folio piece. They are the basis of most good writing, and if stuck to, they will help your Standard Grade … Continue reading

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Standard Grade Folio – critical essays and a Rookie mistake

When you are writing a critical essay for your Standard Grade folio, it is important to realise that you are writing an argument. You have been given a task. The task is usually to show that something is true, even … Continue reading

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Standard Grade English Folio – Discursive Essay

In Standard Grade English, you have to hand in a W1 folio piece. This folio piece can be either a discursive essay or a persuasive essay. The discursive essay is probably the easiest, but the persuasive essay is the most … Continue reading

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Ten Rules for Creative Writing

Here are ten rules for writing. These are not THE rules. Just bits of advice that you may find useful when writing your folio piece. In descending order:   10. ‘Write a draft. Then let it rest.’     – Stephen King … Continue reading

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Short Story Writing #2 – SG

‘How do you start it?’ This is the commonest question asked by people about to write a short story. There is no right answer. How do you go into a swimming pool? At the top? At the bottom? In the … Continue reading

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Short Story Writing #1 – SG

It’s always difficult to write a short story. A good way to start is to read some. Many great writers have written very good short stories. These can give you ideas and hopefully you’ll learn something important: a short story … Continue reading

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