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Nadia Emek is a classroom assistant at a secondary school in Edinburgh. She is married with 2 teenage children and a cat called Oliver. She loves to go swimming, walking, and enjoys photography. Yet she finds nothing better than spending time in her kitchen, cooking for her family and friends, and chatting round an old worn, but much loved, kitchen table. Ooh, if only that table could talk...

Being a boring mum – the perks!

As a parent you tend to accept that you have a huge amount of roles to perform on a daily basis; cook, cleaner, laundry mistress, banker, taxi driver,  to name but a few; and recently I added yet another feather to my rather overstuffed cap: personal assistant to my son’s social diary.

Most weekends he is staying at one friend or another,  and often one night away turns into a weekend at the last moment. So when a  friend’s mum text to ask if he could stay one Friday I accepted on his behalf. Unbeknownst to me however, he had already made arrangements to stay at another friend’s on that night. I had to text back and explain that his social diary was full for the weekend – and he went mad!  “I only said the Friday, not the Saturday!”  Stupidly I found myself texting back apologising for the mistake that he was, in fact, only busy for the one night but remained available for the Saturday night.  After a number of texts back and forth it was established that he was staying with one friend on the Friday and another on the Saturday.  I apologised when dropping him off on the Saturday night for the mix-up and said we would return the favour soon.  I was beginning to get a bit concerned why he preferred to stay away most weekends……“It’s so boring at home, I barely survive the weekends as it is….!” said my darling son.  The reason why?  We don’t have X-box or play station or any other fancy gadgets, trampolines or basketball nets.

Over the years we’ve had them all; only, having spent a small fortune on games, to then find there was an updated version and the games were not compatible. Aa shed full of sporting accessories, bikes, rollerblade, footballs, skateboard is testimony to teenage fads…. in the end we simply stopped buying all the gadgets – to our kid’s horror and shame. How could they ever bring friends back to the house of boredom?   Over time they learned to fill their time with playing sports and thankfully have a full week with either football or basketball training.

So it’s a real treat when they go over to the ‘good homes’ where the parent’s really care and buy them all the latest gadgets.  I can live with being the boring mum, as I’m now off the hook as the failed personal assistant.   Hey it’s one less chore for me! Until the next one…….

So here is a lovely tasty and very easy pudding should you find yourself invited over to a more interesting home than your own.


3 separated eggs

2 tablespoons of golden caster sugar

Sponge fingers

250g tub of mascarpone cheese

Strong black coffee – cooled

A good dash of Amaretto – optional

Chocolate for grating or chocolate powder

1.     In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and creamy.

2.     In a separate bowl mix the mascarpone cheese to soften and add this to the egg and sugar mix.

3.     Whisk the egg whites in a clean dry bowl until stiff and then gently fold these into the creamy egg mixture a spoonful or two at a time with a metal spoon until completely mixed.

4.     Dip the sponge fingers into the cooled coffee (and Amaretto if you are using). Do this quickly as they can become soggy and break apart.

5.     Line the serving dish until you have a layer of sponge fingers.  Pour over any extra liquid onto the fingers.

6.     Top the fingers with the creamy mixture.

7.     You can either have one layer of each or several layers of both.

8.     Grate chocolate over the top or sprinkle with chocolate powder.

9.     It’s best to leave this in the fridge for a few hours to let all the lovely flavours mingle.


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