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English exams – Get the basics right: Part 2

As in the last post, this post focuses on making sure you follow simple steps to exam success. A lot of this is commonsense. However, this is what goes out the window when you’re sitting the biggest exams of your life sometimes, so it’s good to be reminded.

Tip 4: Don’t do an all-nighter. Although it sounds good and it’s ‘hardcore’; it will leave you stressed and tired. When a brain is like this, it makes mistakes. If you haven’t studied to the extent that you feel you need to spend all night studying, then not only is it too late, but you’re likely to make decisions in the exam hall that will rob you of any grade you could get.

Tip 5: Eat breakfast. Writing for three hours when you’re stressed (and everybody will be stressed) is tiring. You need energy to do it, and without food you’ve got no energy. Of course, you’re body might start to take energy from important areas like…you’re brain. But that’s exactly what you don’t want!

Tip 6: If you don’t know by the time you get to the morning of the exam, then you don’t know it. Don’t try to cram things in to your brain in the minutes before the exam starts. Again, you’ll just stress yourself and that leads to poor understanding and decision making in the exam hall.

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