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This profile is a platform for a range of Higher-experienced English teachers to post information that will help students, and their parents, with preparing for students' Higher English exams. By following the below advice, we are confident that a student can improve their English grade, but individual motivation, perseverance and other factors must also be taken into account. This platform presents an approach to Higher English; we do not claim it is the only approach. It has worked successfully for other students.

Higher English Folio – Persuasive Essay Introduction

It’s late. She (or he) has been working all day and has done another four hours since returning home – and they cooked the tea! They’re fed-up reading essays. Bored to death with reading essays. They all start the same way. ‘A few more to do and I’ll stop for the night,’ thinks the marker. She picks up the next persuasive essay in the pile. It begins, ‘This essay will argue against school uniform…‘ Aaaaargh! Where’s the gin?

I’m not trying to imply that markers would be anything other than utterly professional when marking essays or that they drink when marking! But they are human. And as humans we needed to be interested in what we’re doing to do it well. Especially in English which is a subject that is more effected by personal opinion, feelings and sense than most others. If an essay begins in an interesting way, the marker will already start having a positive impression of the essay. Will this help? Yes! Even if the essay starts going downhill, it still has a good beginning. If the essay is borderline, a good introduction will help it get the benefit of the doubt, and it will add to the admiration a marker has for an excellent persuasive essay.

So how do you do a good introduction? There’s a range of ways, incuding those below. However, there are some rules: it must be relevant; it must be interesting and it must be short (don’t use valuable words on a rambling introduction). Here are some types:

Effective introductions impress the marker. They show flair, creativity and style: these attributes are as important in English as they are in Art or other more renowned ‘creative’ subjects.

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