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How do you get the grade you want at Higher English? What grade do you want for Higher English?


There is no magic wand. The grade you want will not appear just by wanting it. But it definitely will improve your chances of getting the grade you want if you know what grade you want.

This is a big mental hurdle for a lot of people: a lot of people are so scared of failure that they find it difficult to actually say what they really want in case they end up disappointed and the pain of disappointment or, even worse, the identity of disappointment, ‘I’m a loser’.

Most people have been there and most people will experience this. The only question for any individual is whether they are going to risk disappointment and go for what they really want. It all begins by being clear about what you want.

It works like a hierarchy. There’s what you are aiming for – to be an engineer, a dancer or a writer. To do this you have to achieve other goals, like get a degree, graduate from dance school. And to do this, you have to get into dance school. Another goal.

If you are sitting Highers, then you are at the stage of getting the grades you need for the next step, whatever that may be. If you are sitting Higher English then it’s time to get clear about the grade you want and what you need to do to achieve that grade.

There is a huge amount of clarity and power in being clear about a goal. It allows you to direct your mind and your efforts to a purpose. Once you start doing that, you start making progress.
So be clear about the grade you really want. The grade you really want without being falsely humble or holding back. If that is an ‘A’ then good. The aim of getting what you really want will motivate you.

Now when your clear about that grade, start getting clear about what you have to do to achieve that. To get an ‘A’ , for example, you are going to need 70% when you add up all your marks. What do you need to get 70%? Well, obviously you can do it in a range of ways, but you are definitely going to have pass your Higher English critical essays and your close reading to a high level, and then combine that with strong folio pieces.
For arguments sake, let us say you need 19/25 for both folio pieces and 33/50 for the close reading paper and 21 and 19 for the Higher English critical essays. This would give you just over 70% in total for Higher English. This is then what you have to aim for. If you fall short in one area then you have to be flexible and make it up in another area.

Obviously the myetutor site has the information and the tutors ready to mark essays that will help you achieve these aims; but the first step is being clear about what you are really going for and then start to monitor how you are progressing towards your goal.

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