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Written by Christine Boal

Christine is a librarian in an Edinburgh school. In between running CPD courses, supporting English classes, organising testing and delivering certificate courses, Christine still finds time to read. She keeps up to date with teenage fiction and looks for books that have both an interesting subject matter for students and ones which will stretch their comprehension, vocabulary and sentencing skills. Golf and hillwalking also get squeezed in.

Latest Teenage ‘Must Read’

An occupational hazard sometimes can deliver a gem!
I have just finished reading the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy – “The Hunger Games”, “Catching the Fire” & “Mockingjay” (and I was the “worst mother in the world” because I made my daughter read the first book before she saw the film). I was delighted to read a story which not only captivated the teenage readers but was also a good read for adults. I would advise having all three books before you start because once you finish one book you need to start the next one. Suzannne Collins has woven a tale set in a world of the future where teenagers are thrown into mortal combat with each other for the entertainment of the Capital. The victor, and there District, are rewarded – at least until next year but the President could not have guessed the devastating affect Katniss Everdeen would have on the Games, or on the future of the Capital. These books bring adventure, romance and demonstrate how people can rise above the barriers imposed on them – it has also made a new hairstyle popular ( the Katniss braid) which will drive mums to ‘You Tube to learn how to create it for their demanding daughters – at least it keeps their hair tidy.

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