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My last blog was about the work of Colette, a Parisian known for her scandalous writing and lifestyle. Similarly, Sylvia Beach was renowned for her connections to Paris’s literary scene and its accompanying excess. Her English language bookshop, Shakespeare and … Continue reading

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The Great Gatsby: the world’s longest music video

It’s difficult to explain the trauma, anxiety, frustration, the sickening feeling of disgust, boredom and moral outrage I felt while watching Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby. It’s not the worst film I’ve ever seen, by far, but it … Continue reading

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English exams – Get the basics right: Part 2

As in the last post, this post focuses on making sure you follow simple steps to exam success. A lot of this is commonsense. However, this is what goes out the window when you’re sitting the biggest exams of your … Continue reading

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English exams – Get the basics right: Part 1

Although the small things in life seem so trivial and unimportant, neglecting them can have massive consequences. The footballer who doesn’t tie their laces; the singer who doesn’t do a soundcheck; the teacher who doesn’t check ICT before an important … Continue reading

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How high up is the school in the cloud?

It’s the start of May already, the sun (I think it’s the sun, its been a while!) is shining and exam leave is upon us. The fourths years left for exam leave a week ago and have already completed their … Continue reading

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Higher English Close Reading – The last question

In a time out of mind the last question of the Higher English close reading paper used to be seriously intimidating. After 44 marks-worth of questions completed, you would then have to answer a 6 mark evaluation question. Given that … Continue reading

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Higher English critical essay – topic sentence – transitional words

  Writing in a way that in interesting should not be completely forgotten about when you’re writing your Higher English critical essay. A bit of creativity and style mixed in with the purpose is good. Ideally, essays about English should … Continue reading

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Higher English close reading – Evaluation Questions

Evaluation questions are the most difficult of all the questions you’ll face in Higher English close reading. Fortunately, if you don’t like evaluation questions, now that the last question has been changed from a comparative evaluation question to a summarising … Continue reading

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Higher English – Finishing your critical essay

A disappointing ending carries more weight than it is worth. You know what it is like when you watch a film or read a book. You have really enjoyed the film or the book, then you get to the end … Continue reading

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Higher English – Using shorter quotations

Shorter might not be better; it’s not worse, but for some people, it can be easier. For some, learning large chunks of quotation isn’t going to happen, so learning more quotations but smaller ones might. To use short quotations in … Continue reading

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