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This profile is a platform for a range of Standard Grade-experienced English teachers to post information that will help students, and their parents, with preparing for students' Standard Grade English exams. By following the below advice, we are confident that a student can improve their English grade, but individual motivation, perseverance and other factors must be taken into account also. This platform presents a proven, successful approach to Standard Grade English, we do not claim it is the only approach.

Standard Grade English – 5 Basic Rules for Creative Writing Essay for Folio

In Standard Grade English, there are four very simple rules that you should think about when writing your creative writing folio piece. They are the basis of most good writing, and if stuck to, they will help your Standard Grade English final grade.

For Standard Grade English Credit, the first rule is to vary your words. Using a range of words stops your writing from becoming boring, needlessly repetitive or giving the impression that you only know a limited amount of words.

In Standard Grade English, for the Credit level to be achieved, the point of variety should also be applied to your sentence structuring. You should vary sentence structure. A good range of sentence structure helps add to the interest of your writing and shows your ability to create meaning in several ways.

At Credit level in Standard Grade English, paying attention to details in your writing is of huge importance. Instead of just naming objects or people, they should be described, in some detail at times. Not only does it show skill, it creates a picture in the reader’s mind and that is what the examiner, ideally, is looking for.

It’s Standard Grade English, and if you’re aiming for Credit, then it’s about time that you were writing the senses in your descriptions. This means that what can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt should be included in much of your descriptive writing. You don’t have to do all five every time, but some should be there each time.

Final rule in this blog about Standard Grade English – include several features of writing. What does this mean? This means that you should have setting in your story; you should have character in your story; you should have dialogue and, of course, a consistent narrative point of view such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. (If you want to be experimental, you can go for stream of consciousness or impressionistic methods!)

Ok, hope you got that. Here’s a video that briefly highlights the 5 rules!


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