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Standard Grade English Folio – Discursive Essay

In Standard Grade English, you have to hand in a W1 folio piece. This folio piece can be either a discursive essay or a persuasive essay. The discursive essay is probably the easiest, but the persuasive essay is the most challenging and fun to do.

We’re going to focus on the discursive essay in this blog. When you think discursive, think discussion, because the discursive is more an exchange of points backed by evidence. As the writer of the essay, you remain neutral on the issue to the very end. What you are doing is presenting the arguments of two sides of the one topic.

Abortion, school uniform, nuclear weapons, euthanasia, independence, Europe, and the death penalty are all very common topics for a discursive essay. Each topic can be looked at from two opposing sides, for and against. A discursive essay will present both sides of the issue and then, usually, you, the author of the essay, will come down on one side or the other justifying the reasons for your choice at the very end of the essay. (And have a bibliography.)

So, how do you do present it? Well, here’s a suggested structure:


P.Ex.I.In. For 1


P.Ex.I.In. Against 1


P.Ex.I.In. For 2


P.Ex.I.In. Against 2


P.Ex.I.In. For 3


P.Ex.I.In. Against 3


If you notice you move from a point FOR to the opposing side’s point AGAINST to another point FOR. It keeps it balanced. Make sure that you’ve got an introduction and conclusion at top and bottom and that is you!

Of course, if only it was that essay. More preparation is required and we’ll cover that in upcoming blogs, but the first three steps can be done right away.

  1. Choose your topic
  2. Get points FOR and AGAINST
  3. Research evidence for each point

Here’s the video:


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