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Written by Christine Boal

Christine is a librarian in an Edinburgh school. In between running CPD courses, supporting English classes, organising testing and delivering certificate courses, Christine still finds time to read. She keeps up to date with teenage fiction and looks for books that have both an interesting subject matter for students and ones which will stretch their comprehension, vocabulary and sentencing skills. Golf and hillwalking also get squeezed in.

“We Know What’s Best …”

Ever wished that all the difficult decisions of life were taken for you? Yet when we were ‘wee’ the last thing we wanted to hear was that someone else knew what was better for us, usually followed by them making us do what ” we were told”.

In Cassia’s world all the decisions of life are mapped out for you by the ‘Society’. It decides who is your perfect ‘match’, what vocation you are best suited for, where you will live and when you will die.

In ‘Matched’ Ally Condie paints a picture of a future world where all the citizens are controlled by the belief that the Society is running everything with their best interests at heart. Too much choice, and the possibility of making a bad choice, cannot be good for people. In this world you follow a path which has been mapped our for you. At 17 you find out who you will be matched with, then you find out your vocation, where you will live and everything culminates with your ‘Final Banquet’ when you reach 80 years old.

However what happens when you are presented with another choice of partner. Is Cassia brave enough to consider that there might be another path for her? Can she find her owns words as her Grandfather asked her to and can she fulfil her promise to him to ‘not go gentle’. Cassia realises that she will have to make great sacrifices if she is to follow her heart and this book ends with her recommitting herself to find Ky and trying to settle her own destiny.

I found this a captivating read and am now beginning to depend on my teenage daughters recommendations of ‘what you have to read’. Unfortunately at the moment she is too captivated by her bits of technology and has not finished reading the second book (Crossed) and won’t let me start it until she has finished. I suppose I could try and just sneak it out of her room but they do say that patience it a virtue and certainly beats the wrath of a ‘wronged’ teenager. I’ll just have to read something else while I’m waiting.

Watch this space….

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